Your privacy is farther off than me.

Why does it have to be sooner?
When all I recalled of being forever
Should, I guessed that I’m no stranger.
Until I got up with a thought maybe its over?

I direct myself to a hope of longer.
And it goes back to what I hope for.
Happiness, fulfillment, care, respect
Trust and love were bound together.

Only time has changed and so have you.
I believed was just a challenged between me and you.
But it twists out a nightmare that runs through
And will remain a nightmare cause promises are gone too.

Everything has long been changed
The heart that loved has been shattered
We both have turned the love to hatred
And a promise of togetherness is now removed.

You choose to leave and opted your privacy than me
Which I thought you won’t pick out anything except me
I know we both not perfect and struggled a lot
But should we give up just because we can no longer fight?

But you have made your choice and I pass on the sack to no longer stop
I hope your privacy would give you infinite happiness that never break up.

I’m still here waiting, awaiting for your coming
But if you barely don’t come, I even marry you
When the promised of hope is new every morning.



    1. Hello monica,
      Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog.
      Yes, there is so much love. But what would you do if the person you love had already given up? And no matter how you have tried to fix things out, precisely because you desire to win back what has long been gone. But what if the other half has no more courage to fight back? I guess it all runs down to acceptance after all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If the person you love has given up then it is most probably due to some kind of fear or insecurity. Most of the times it is fear…Insecurity just follows it.yes,you’re right about the acceptance thing but you can always keep trying if you feel there is a possibility. Some things are very hard to decide upon.You know better what your heart wants. So I would suggest,keep trying till you’re totally worn out.


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