Badian Cebu Canyoneering: There Is A HIDDEN Magical SECRET

Making it at the destination you have never planned is equally interesting than a well planned travel.

Photo Credit: Ian Limpangog of Freedom Wall

My cousin (Genelyn Wanan), unexpectedly asking me if I can bring her to some of the interesting and beautiful places in Cebu. Since I’m a traveler by nature, I usually don’t disapproved any invitation. Hence, I bought her an air ticket exactly on the day she’d informed me, from Gensan-Cebu and Cebu-Gensan as her return air ticket.

Canyoneering is creating a roaring sound not only in Cebu but all over the Country and even outside the Philippines. So by then, me and my cousin decided to taste the newest extreme adrenaline activities in Cebu.

Canyoneering or Canyoning in Badian, Cebu is an outside activity that means heading down to a canyon. That seems pretty simple right? Merely the act of moving through a canyon is more involved than you might think because Canyoneering can be done by not just getting down to a Canyons but through a variety of means such as trekking, diving, jumping, climbing, sliding and swimming. Does it sound easy now? Of course not, as this would require a great deal of courage and skills. But don’t worry having your guide to help you do this would always be a dandy thing.

Photo Credit: Local Pages

This extreme adrenaline activities will usually last 3-5 hours depending on how many people you’re being with. And what makes it last for 5 hours is the unending searching for a good spot to have your selfie pictures and anything that seems good in your eyes. Apart from experiencing the whole frolic procedure, this is usually what we after for sometimes right? And who would have not love to capture every facial expression of your jump packed fear every time you jump along a high cliff and shout right? A rue on your part if you missed to capture every beautiful scenery  and of course we don’t want it that way, so just enjoy and take photographs as much as you can when you do Canyoneering.



Our Canyoneering adventure was handled by Localpages, an affiliate of Freedom Adventures Inc.
The minute we arrived at the Freedom Adventures Inc. We were welcomed by such a refreshing grin of our guide named Ma’am Malaya. Our Canyoneering was supposed to start around 9:00 am but since we came late, we started around 11:00 am. Ate Malaya asked us to batten down the hatches, secure our things first, she then informed us that they have exclusive room to lay in our bags and other stuff. After putting on our rubber shoes, life jacket and helmet we immediately proceeded to the registration office and went straight to the actual jump off point of Canyoneering.



The feeling of seeing my crush during High School days was about the same feeling I got when we made our way to the mouth of Canyoneering. Shaken up, nervous, and the fear of heights is hovering above me. Then the most awaited time came, there has been already a group of  adventure seeker who started leaping out from the cliff and fallen off to the bluish cold water while yowling to death.  I was trembling in awe, and then my cousin. But before paying attention to my fear of heights, the unique form of canyon really caught my attention, it was really awesome, the sturdy downstream of water formed an astounding canyon that has perfect edges and bends of the crevice huge rock. The lagoon is having a touch of a bluish color, it was perfectly attractive.


Then our moment came, we had our short briefing and a prayer. The foremost challenge is leaping out  from the cliff that has 15 feet in height and fallen off to the deep cold lagoon. There’s also another 10 foot cliff to start with. But if you really can’t get hold of the two challenges, don’t worry because there’s an available route to go down.

I remember that I was next to the girl who’s shuddering on her knees, I really understood how the fear made her. But she was fearless enough to jump. Hence, I was next, I was in fear, but I couldn’t run away from my fear, so I breathe deeply and jump. I was drifting on the bluish cold water, yelling at my cousin trying to encourage her to give a try. I caught the sudden alteration of her normal skin color, she was in pale maybe because she was really afraid. After many times she attempted to jump, she was racing away from her fear, she instead takes the other route together with ate Malaya. “Breaking away the very first challenging jump means escaping jumping on the other cliffs”. But no pressure on that.

The next one was sliding with the cold water flowing down. Ate Malaya was not with me, but I saw some of the Canyoneers who were managing the next challenge. Since I’m used of facing challenging battles all alone, doing it wasn’t new to me (Hugot moment). I recall when I was young, sliding on a hilly surface is actually my favorite child escape. Soon enough, I was able to manage it.


My cousin and ate Malaya was  already on the rocky side, they were waiting for me at that place. But I couldn’t just leave without calling for pictures so I yelled at ate Malaya to go near and take pictures of me.


The challenging trek is inviting our knees, the huge rocks are situated at their own consolation. The water is extending over the crevice rock forming a small Cascades that are awesome to look at. At that place is also stunning  scenery that will surely mollify your jaded body and  pacify your shaking knees. The cooling water as it gently kissing your feet is really refreshing. The shades of  big trees that is yielding the perfect feeling of finally being at peace with nature is beyond compare. The lush scenery green forest on the side as you move your head up is surprisingly beautiful.


Then we go on our trek, there are not so challenging  cliffs and waterfalls that finally my cousin can try, no room for escape as her motto this time. Eventually, as we continue moving downward, we discovered a lot of beautiful scenery that even words could not define. I was really awestruck in awe with all the marvels of this place can offer.


Since we started late, we were a bit thirsty and hungry. It was around 2:00 PM I guess when we came across the small lagoon as a  perfect place to commune with its stunning natural beauty. Me and my cousin had stopped for a moment and rest, it wasn’t crowded, in fact, it was only me, my cousin and ate Malaya who were at that place. Thus we take the chance of getting our best picture.


While we keep on our trek, I saw the big stalactites sticking and hanging on a big elevated rock. It was amazing in its own innate state. I wonder how could this place is more beautiful than I expected to find out. Our God is truly amazing, isn’t  it?


Shortly enough, I smell something delectable that made me more hungry and so my cousin. I found out the scattered smokes coming from nowhere, and I was a bit curious what was it. Then I asked ate  Malaya where that smokes coming from because it smells something delicious. She then told me that there’s a food station over there where they sell barbecues and other food to nibble just to meet the famished stomach of every Canyoneering lover.


Hence we walked fast and climbed on a big rock before we could finally taste their barbecue. While we had our rest, we bought some barbecue to eat, ate Malaya told us that the cliff located few meters from where we stand is the last cliff and the highest cliff to conquer. Then I slowly move my two little itchy feet, trying to check how high is it. Then I resolved not to jump because it was really high.
The cliff has an elevation of 40 feet, but if you can’t beat the scary 40 feet you can try the 30 feet that is located nearby.


I wouldn’t mind considering myself as an unsuccessful Canyoneering trier since I wasn’t able to startle on the last cliff. I saw some who were able to jump, I wonder how it feels like to leap on a water from the highest cliff. But I was telling myself that better safe than never, the safest thought to elude from the backbreaking 40 foot cliff.

As we nearly, reach the end where we have to trek for 30 minutes going to  Kawasan Falls, I noticed another stalagmites that are beautifully hanging on an elevated curving surface while I passed on a canyon. It was as if I’m doing spelunking as well. Seeing them in their own natural state is truly astonishing to look at.


We have rested for a while and since we still have to walk for 30 minutes to reach at the third tier of Kawasan falls we go along our trek. While going on our way, I noticed the wooden crafted bridge that serves as our way to pass through the ravine. In that situation, I noticed that it’s really dry, I didn’t see any stream of water. And I was like how could it be? Where was the flowing water goes from the canyons? And then I threw a bunch of questions to ate Malaya but instead of giving me  an answer she was also looking like being mesmerized by such magical thing. She averred she was also struggling with that thought. Thither is the hidden magical secret that one must discover.



After the long trek, we eventually reached the third tier of Kawasan Falls, up to the second tier and finally arriving at the stunning first tier of Kawasan Falls.


We then have our late lunch at about 3:30 PM,  it was still fresh in mind that we were very hungry. Then ate Malaya helped us to have our lunch, she served us a bowl of Sinagang na Baboy (Pork and vegetables in tamarind broth), good for 3 people, 2 pieces of fried chicken, one serve of wet noodles (Pancit), 3 cups of rice, and 2 bottle of 12 ounce soft drinks. Ending our Canyoneering with a delicious meal is the best means to celebrate.

The challenging Canyoneering had given me enough chance to know myself better than I knew I was. I didn’t know that I was capable to conquer my fear of heights even this has been my biggest fear since then. I should congratulate myself.

So then if you’re fond of adrenaline activities such as this, or you’re just new to this, you should never miss to try Canyoneering. There are more to see and discover with your naked eyes than what this blog could provide. Witness it by yourself and you’ll surely have your most frolic experience. This could be done with a group of friends, with your love ones,  family, and if you’re fond of travelling alone this could also be possible to experience.


Trying out canyoneering is a great choice, apart from places of great natural beauty, feature crevices, rivers and waterfalls, as a perfect recipe for adventure, but this has also obvious benefits like improving your health through adventuring the canyons and communing with mother nature.



  • Don’t ever go Canyoneering alone. Wrong direction   of your feet could lead to bruises or anything that would cause you regret.
  • Make sure you stick to your guide’s instruction. Don’t create your own system, then follow.
  • Better halt the activities when the sudden rain arrives because the water can create fast currents that would result to dangerous situation.
  • Hypothermia can be a real risk. If you’re the person who’s  not used of staying long in a cold water for too long, then you better wear wetsuits and pay attention to your body’s response.
  • Put on your life jacket, as many parts of the river are seriously deep.
  • Wear a protective helmet. You’re required to climb boulders, jumping from heights, swimming under rock outcroppings, you might guess that this is sound unnecessary but you need a helmet to protect your head.
  • Wear your rubber shoes for you have to intersect over the crevice rocks and the river.
  • Bring enough water, and make certain to have your stomach filled before doing Canyoning because Canyoneering will last 3-5 hours of real challenge.
  • Bring your waterproof camera, Go Pro, or any gadgets that are waterproof.
  • Bringing your DSLR is not advisable.
    10. Above all PRAY before doing Canyoneering for God’s guidance and protection.


If you want a hassle free Canyoneering experience you can contact Localpages or Freedom Adventures Inc.
They offer good rates that include the following:

Helmet, Life Vest, Dry Bag, Habal2x fare, Registration fee, Government fee, Skillful Guide, Meal after the course  at Kawasan Resto
Underwater Camera, and a whole new experience!

Canyoneering Package Rates

1 person – PHP 1,500
1-2 person – PHP 1,100
3 persons and up – PHP 900

You can contact them through this mobile number:
Sir Michael Primor  – +639296870729 (Smart)

Lokalpages is an online directory who helps local businesses connect with their customers, they are the largest internet based directory in Cebu. They provide business solutions from marketing to sales, built on the foundation of brilliant technology and matchless passion for growth..

Freedom Adventure Inc.
Maam Malaya L. Atienza- +639351725596(TM)  +639332997111(Sun Cellular)


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