Conforming to the drudging side of you

I didn’t know that you’re such a boring one until I got to see, that beneath your leaden nature I find you as my Gem. I couldn’t guess that we have traversed on the same road even we have different interest in life. You are naturally proficient in your own chosen career and I’m maybe better in some way in my opted  passage.

I discovered that you’re not that fond of travelling like I do, you always opted to rather rest your jaded body on your bed than exploring beyond your comfort zone. Your indolent manner has always space when you completely blanketing yourself with comfort of bed and pillows around you. Sleeping early at night is always close to your head and waking up late in the morning is a friend of your affection.

Every time I talked to you over the phone, trying to hear your sweet cackling sound of happiness and a surd line coming from your mouths but I couldn’t find them all over the phone. You’d rather find peace as you position yourself on  bed than finding my voice as an active zone of your activeness. A traveler like me who is always fond of an adrenaline activity  and always go beyond limits had met the drudging side of your world. But no matter how mind-numbing your other side is, I will lay down the life that I used to have and embrace the life that you used to be in an aberrant way of respect and understanding.

I likewise noticed that you’re not fond of reading my nonsense written articles. I wonder if you’re actually supporting me or not? But I think you are, you just don’t merely showing it. Possibly because they don’t sound interesting to you or you really not fond of reading. But no matter what’s running in your mind, I would still choose to accompany and support you in any ways you want to become.




  1. wow, well-written, and am already a fan of your writing.. your vocabulary is awesome, and most importantly, you choose the right words to emote your thoughts, which makes your written articles more delicious to savour on

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  2. Ahw.. 😦 I feel you.

    My partner and I also have different preferences. I love the outdoors but he doesn’t. But I think it all boil down to communication and respect. I respect his and vice versa. Because I don’t thin I (and you), we have to change ourselves to please them, not unless what we are changing is something harmful and dangerous. 🙂

    But anyway, it really depends on the person. As for me, just because he is not fond of travelling doesn’t mean I should not.

    I’m just saying… 🙂

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    1. It’s all going down to respect exactly like what you have said. And as long as understanding is open I think there will be no hindrance to pursue each passion, instead there will constantly be a support between you and your partner.

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    1. Hello Anka Hoerster,
      Thank you for dropping by and taking time to read my blog with your kind words of appreciation.

      When the other half doesn’t capable to understand I think the other one would probably take along. Simply to maintain the harmonious relationship and elude misunderstanding.

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