Kalanggaman Island: Resemblance To The WINGS Of A Flying FOWL.

Relishing in the environs of inner peaceful Island is what everyone’s dream to experience, traipsing their feet to white dust like sand beach is what everyone wish to feel. A lulling sound of sea breeze kissing someones surface is what everyone desire because it’s too comforting and relaxing.

Kalanggaman Island is situated a few miles away from the mainland of Polompon, Leyte. An Island worth more than any words to describe because of its lucent blue water, long reach of white powdery sand bar, facing exquisitely in the vast blue ocean, and an Island left in its natural state.


I discovered about this Island 3 years ago, I was then not fond of travelling and never been in love to travel. I used to only appreciate the beauty of nature by seeing photographs and hearing it from my traveler friends. But a sudden modification of taste in travel brought my two little itchy feet to this Island.

It was then an epic failed travel because I and my group friends were supposed to travel a week before it was contrived. But being naturally addicted in travel I always look on the positive side of any adversity. Our boat ticket was already purchased, and the good thing was, it has one month before it will expire. We then decided  to resume our travel to kalangaman on the following week.

It has been  the ingredient of talked since I knew about this  island. I saw a bunch of stunning photos on my social media account both Facebook and Instagram. I also have scads of friends that have been fully satisfied as they set foot on this island. My excitement has been long gone since the first scheduled trip was called off. I couldn’t wait to tread my two small feet on the white powdery sand of Kalanggaman.

Then the defining moment came, me and friends left Cebu with so much fervor. We ride Medallion Transport from Cebu going to Polompon, Leyte. Around  10PM the boat departed, and while working on our way, I couldn’t help myself but keep checking  my watch. I couldn’t wait for the next morning.

Soon enough, the boat had docked off in the town of Polompon, Leyte around 3:00 am. It was even so dark outside, my friends were still sleeping, and I hear the wave gently kissing the coast. Around  5:00 am, we decided to go down and proceeded straight to the public market. Buying some stuff needing before going to Kalangaman Island. While some of us were busy buying foods, my other group of friends went to the tourism office, which is barely a few meters away from the market. They immediately register at the tourism office to take in for a boat going to the Island. Right after the short briefing about the Island our boatman advised us to leave early as much as we can so that we can catch a good spot since we will be staying overnight to the island.



Seeing the Island closer, is such a delight. I caught the verdant coconut trees dancing on their leaves as the wind slowly blowing them. The aquamarine water is very enticing, if only I could jump and swim right away I would really suffice. I was looking the white sand bar from afar it was very welcoming as if it was screaming at me and calling my name. Shortly enough, we reached the coast and I caught myself in awe. I can’t believe that I finally traipse my two little itchy feet while the tongue of the white sand is kissing my feet.


We arrived  around 7:00 am and I saw numerous tourists who were already satiated with the island. Some were also preparing to exit  and there were also who have just arrived just like us. I was then eager to commune with nature’s beauty of Kalanggaman. But before enjoying and exploring the Island we settled first upon setting up our tent, pay for the cottage and preparing our breakfast.


Everything had all been made, our breakfast and also our lunch. It’s time to explore the island, but the scorching hotness of the sun are hindering me from doing it. I and my friends talking anything under the scorching heat of the sun. I caught a lot of tourists who were enjoying their vacation. It was quite crowded during our sojourn.

Exactly like any of us, travelling with a bunch of excitement has been also contrast to a bunch of food being prepared. We always never be repleted with just an excitement alone, but also the sumptuous food.
Soon enough we had our boodle fight lunch, we resolved to remain standing while having our lunch.


Kalanggaman Island is from the base word (langam is a Visayan term which means bird). It is said to be the resemblance to the wings of a flying fowl when you view it from atop. The two polar sides of the island have its own sand bar, but a long reach sand bar is on its southern part.


The 100-meter plus white  sand bar on the south side of the island is stunningly and peacefully situated. This is really the highlight of Kalanggaman, every tourist would never miss to traipse their feet on this part.


Under the scorching heat of the sun, the thousand footsteps left on the island really caught my attention. This has actually meant that thousands of beach lovers and travelers  have been filled as they set foot on this island.


The sun is departing to go below the horizon, me and Marjhon  decided to amble around the Island. The side that’s facing Polompon, Leyte, which is on the easterly side of the Island, I noticed the rocky shore. It was very astonishing because I guess they were formed by the sturdy waves kissing the coast every now and then. We continue walking around the island up to the other side, where I thought I could still see another sand bar situated at the tip of the island. But I was not lucky enough to see it with my naked eyes.



It was exactly dark when we reached back to our cottage. I caught a lot of campers who were slowly preparing for the night. Some brought with them their rechargeable lights, some with wax lights and some using their flashlights.


After our dinner, I wasn’t in the mood to do night swimming so I instead went to my tent and slowly closing my eyes. Hearing the waves smooching the seashore, the wind gently hovers above me until I was lulled to a deep slumber.

The apparent rising of the sun above the horizon with its atmospheric effects is slowly passing around its light on the whole  island. I woke up early before sunrise, slowly walking until I could at last reach the tip of the sand bar. Taking advantage of the good spot where I can find good pictures since it wasn’t just me who is eager to witness the sunrise. Below are the photos I got during sunrise.



Since we have to depart early in the morning because our boat ticket going back to Cebu is around 9:00 am I only have few minutes taking pictures and fixing my stuff. I would eventually love to get deep into the turquoise waters of Kalanggaman if only I have enough time in the morning but my time was being pressed.

Time to bid adieu to the Island but before that, we won’t just leave without our group pictures. Below is the photo of us say we would definitely love to go back and experience more of Kalangaman Island.



  • The moment we got on the island, one of the in-charge in the island approach us and gave us two garbage bags where we can put our garbage, for Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable. And as you leave the island you are suggested to take your own garbage. “It’s your garbage, your obligation”.
  • The Island has a toilet and bath, grilling station that can be used and free of charge.
  • They also have cottages ranging from PHP 250 – PHP 700
  • The island has no stores hence, you have to buy everything you need on the island like food, water, beverages, cooking utensils and etc. But upon arriving at the Tourism office, just a few meters away where the Polompon public market is located. You can buy some of your needs from the marketplace.
  • The island is more on camping sites, since there’s no hotels and other institution. It’s actually left in its innate state.
  • Bring enough foods with you and drinking water, especially if you stay overnight.
  • If you’re planning to stay overnight I advised you to bring your own tent, if happen you don’t have one, you can rent at the registration center.
  • The island extends a good site for snorkeling, but you have to bring your own snorkeling gear.
  • Also bring emergency lights, and other necessary stuff.



From Cebu

Take a boat from Cebu going to Polompon, Leyte. 5 hours travel time Via Medallion Transport that departs every 9:00 PM and arrives at Polompon around 2:00 am or 3:00 am. Upon your arrival, wait until 5 am and go straight to the tourism office for a registration and arrange a pump boat that will get you to Kalangaman.

Outside Cebu

Since Polompon doesn’t have an airport, you can get a direct flight to Tacloban City. Drive a Van going to Polompon, Leyte for 2-3 hours of travel time.

For inquiry and reservation please call:
ECO-TOURISM OFFICE : (053) 338-2094/0917-3037-269/0917-3037-267


KALANGGAMAN ISLAND (Entrance/Conservation Fee)


Regular rate (Day tour) Overnight Rate

  • International Tourist. PHP 500 PHP 700
  • Non-Polompon Tourist. PHP 150 PHP 225
  • Non-Polompon. PHP 40 PHP 60

College Student

  • Non-Polompon. PHP 30 PHP 45
  • High School Student
  • Non-Polompon. PHP 20 PHP 30
  • Elem. Pupil
  • Non-Polomponganon. PHP 120 PHP 180
  • Senior Citizen


  • PHP 3,000 – 15 Capacity below
  • PHP 3,500 – 20 Capacity below
  • PHP 4,000 – 30 Capacity below


  • PHP 250
  • PHP 500
  • PHP 700


  • Boat fare from Cebu – Polompon, Leyte via Medallion Transport is
    PHP 390 Economy and PHP 490 tourist accommodation.
  • Entrance fee at Kalanggaman Island is PHP 225 per individual.
  • Boat rental from Polompon (Tourism office) – Kalanggaman Island is PHP 3,000 (boat good for 15 people)

Note: I didn’t include our expenses for food, snacks, water and other stuff. Only as we have liquidated our whole expenses and divided it to 10 of us, we only have spent not more than PHP 2,000. (The perks of moving around in groups).



  1. I would have never guessed that you were not a traveler 3 years ago! Your posts are always so adventurous that it’s hard to imagine. Once again, you visit a stunning beach and I’m so jealous that you get to explore so many exquisite islands!


  2. Well Kalangaman Island looks like absolute paradise. I keep seeing posts about the Philippines and photos like yours and it’s made me push it to the top of our list. I has never heard of Kalangaman until I read your post. It looks incredible for snorkelling and diving. It reminds me of parts of Indonesia, but I love how they take care of the garbage when unfortunately that is a huge problem in Indonesia. Thanks for the great guide.


  3. What a beautiful sandbar. Good thing Kalanggaman island does not submerge on high tide like the white sandbar in Camiguin.


  4. I am sold to this place!!! Looks a lot like Tioman islands that I visited a few months back. The yellow building on the blue beach forms a great color combo.


  5. The trip was definitely made memorable thanks to your friends. It is interesting how you are able to record every beach trip differently despite them looking similar (at least in the eyes of the readers)


  6. What a fantastic place to visit. The first thing that caught my eyes was the white sand and deepest blue sea. Stunning!


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