PASKO sa SUGBO 2015: Christmas in Town.

Christmas as everyone knows is the season to be jolly and we frequently hear people say “Merry Christmas”. From the word itself “Merry”, it unquestionably means to be happy, joyful and light-hearted. It is as well fitted into the ambiance of laughter and frivolity. It is the time of ornaments, red, greenish, blue and another color for decorations, silver bells, and colored lights.


Christmas celebration in the Queen City of the South this year has officially begun. The Pasko Sa Sugbo 2015 kicked off yesterday evening was held at the Fuente Circle, the heart of Cebu City during the foremost day of December.

At once in its 14th year, the 2015 Pasko Sa Sugbo grand opening was played up by the annual ceremonial lighting of the  125-foot giant Christmas tree and the five-minute spectacular night sky creating towering fountains of sparks and color. Everyone are very pleased with such cascades of different colors of arts in the sky.


Cebu City Mayor Michael L. Rama has emphasized in his message that, “Christmas is for everyone and it reminds us to care for each other,” while he was on stage, he personally acknowledged the Christmas tree sponsor Mr. And Mrs. Michel and Amparito Lhuillier and their kin for their viscidity and dedication.


Mayor Rama brought with him his son Mikel during the event. He personally invited his son to get on stage and give a short message. During his message he acknowledged everyone and thank them for preparing the celebration possible.


A twist of events that are arranged every night for the whole month of December. There are presentations sponsored by schools, governing bodies, and institutions. The event is open to the public for free. The nightly presentations will be held at Fuente Osmena Circle from 6PM onwards.

Truly Cebuano’s have proven that they warmly welcomes the season of Christmas as it launched the month-long festivity. The event was brought together and witnessed by various performers, other City Officials and some City Government employees, the general public and of course the stunning beauties of Miss Cebu 2016



The giant Christmas tree is formed up of beautiful materials and surrounded by adorning light bulbs that really gives the essence of Christmas. The giant Christmas tree will stay lit up until the grand parade for the Sinulog celebration in January 2016.




“Nothing beats celebrating Christmas in Sugbo”
“Maayong pasko ug malipayong bag-ong tuig Sugbo”

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