Twogetherness in LOVE

“Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we  share”. – J.CO

Healing our closest loving relationship may seem like working overtime! it’s odd but true. Those people for whom we feel the most love, connection, and intimacy are also those same people who can push our buttons the fastest. Exactly like my one friend told me “The closest to us most are the same people who will hurt us the most”. I just never thought it really happened. I never begin to trust anyone and to have intimate relationship was very far from my caddies of hope. I closed every door, shutting up the gate of possibilities, and I started believing to this phrase “there is no such thing as together”. I was very confused about intimate relationships, I lose the clarity about whether to hang in there or throw in the towel.

But you came in my dreams, appearing so real, you were dauntless because you’d open the doorway and you were sturdy enough to unlock the gate of possibilities. A love that appears to be like a vine that had intricately entwined themselves on the trellis was turned into a love that blossom to its fullest, because you treated it with genuine love, patience, trust, respect, understanding and compassion. You’d changed my perception to what I thought it isn’t right to love once again. You’d help me spread out the bin of my segaciousness since I never thought it will. You made me believe that desiring and loving can really learn just like a toddler who walk with short tottering steps. Challenging but it pays off once you learn and it goes smoothly once the child mastered the right balance of taking one step at a time.

I remember the time during our serious talked, you told me about how indispensable it is to understand the mission of each and every relationship. Because there were people who stay in relationships for years without bearing a clear sense of why they have been committed to each other and don’t even aware about their highest purpose of being together. You showed me the purpose and have walked with me, not for a moment, but for as long as we seriously appreciate the purpose of love and twogetherness (togetherness) Then we’ll always be eternally together.


Couples that we both know have had their ups and downs, joys and pains, victories and losses, harmonies and conflicts, unending misunderstandings and from Dinky to a biggish fight that they have been through  but they have nurtured a very deep understanding in sharing the purpose of togetherness and love.

Our togetherness is beyond compare, you’d always opt to abide close to me, and I’d always love to bind you around my sturdy arms and you’d always do the same. The fast beating sound of your heart that I constantly used to hear every time I stay close to you and the soundless voice of your love that I always feel. We both recognize that our togetherness is not based on a typical situation like other partners always had. We may far from each other, we barely have a good time with each other, we both get engaged with our responsibilities every day, and we sometimes failed to communicate from time to time. But what earned us strong is the purpose and understanding of how we embrace our togetherness in love. Time and distance are our biggest enemy for now, but we both believed that they can be a dependable friend of us someday, at the right time and place.

Thank you for making me realize that the partnership can be based on seeking the divinity of our life together and that such a union can really last.

Relati0nship are always worth restoring because life is entirely about learning how to love. 2 Corinthians 5:18.

Thank you for everything and I Love you always!


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