A brand-new day

Have you ever thought of buying fresh stuff for yourself? I’m sure you do too, right? How about thinking of new life after death?  or a span-new day after the horrible nightmares of yesterday? We are naturally turned out for craving new things to happen. The longing for something new has been planted deep in our inner existence. Longing for the dawn of the space age that is new and fresh has been always what we hope for. It’s within us on how we could bring out and encompass the brand new day.

Of all these, it doesn’t act upon right away. Asking me why? It’s inside us and its natural, right? Yes it is possible. But we have cut through the bridge of several struggles, disappointments, frays, and name all those. And it’s real hard to move forward if our stream of consciousness keeps haunting us. We’ve always thought about the brand-new day, the hope that it brings, a promise for a new start and for every good thing that will unfold before the king sun rises and slowly goes to its horizon. We’ve been longing for that, but when a new day comes, its another hope that covers the mountain of frustrations in life. But why is it so hard to comprehend the thought of accepting new day? Perhaps because we are not convinced enough that a span-new day will really bring the foremost reliance of hope, a rudimentary nascence to treasure and enfold.


But I order you. God promises that there’s always a brand-new day that encloses with hope, faith,  understanding and LOVE. God says in Lamentations 3:23 Great is your faithfulness and your mercies begin afresh each morning.

The mercies of God prove that they fail not; there are instances of them every day not alone in a temporal, but in a spiritual sense; they are ever new, always fresh and vigorous, constant and ceaseless. Indeed there’s always new every morning.



  1. When I was a bible student, many years ago, I was in the Philippines and flew to Cebu to get to Tagbilaran City to visit at Pastor Balite’s, Bohol church, lovely to see and hear about your country again. Keep going with your blog, beautiful pictures and love the way you write your English. In my town in NZ there are many people from your country. God Bless

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    1. Hello nanny14,
      Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. And I’m happy that you were once having set your foot in our country. I hope you had a great time during your sojourn.


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