Debt of Gratitude – Masterryo

A  typical run-of-the-mill weekend, ordering some drinks and food to nibble. Chitchatted with my good friend about trifling stuff beyond importance. The cups were empty and the plates were unstained, then our conversation was seriously turned to something else. He asked for a piece of paper  and asking me to draft something about myself. I was like come on, seriously? For real? I don’t even know where to begin and what to write. But saying no to this friend is like committing a sin and the guilty conscience is slowly killing you inside. Exactly, I said yes to his plea.


I’m so grateful that you never go tired of encouraging me to try, molding my passion and supporting me in whatever my finger is typed upon drafting nonsense articles. Wherever this passion leads me, I owed it all from you. I thank and praise God for He let our path crossed for reasons.

It was exactly April 23,2015 this year was my traverse rod, making every little good thing about moving around and learning the corners of everything. Thank you once again for deeply instilling my commitment to my rage.

I would have never been this progressive without your infinite help. Thanking you once again.




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