Another gem of Mindanao : Dakak Beach Park Resort and Gloria’s Fantasyland, Zamboanga Del Norte

A long weekend is coming my way, my  two little feet are eager to tread on the multitudinous mountains of Mindanao and the roaring name of Zamboanga Del Norte is on my radar.

The long night of travel was over, the ship had docked off in the embrasure of the historical town of Dapitan. The hushed morning, and the upper limb of the sun appears above the skyline. The grin of people showed up, and I’m excited for another fun filled day.

Dakak Beach Park and Resort in Dapitan City, owns everything, presenting luxurious venue to everyone who loves to indulge in calmness and embracing peace of nature.
Surrounded by elongated ridge, white powdered sand, pristine blue water and the perfect firmament above. The closes place to paradise one could ever experience, with its beauty and tranquility.


It is nestled beside the sea and flanked by mountains to its west. But to a greater extent than its placidity, the resort boasts a new stadium, an array of facilities and services that will fill your stay with conveniences  and infinite opportunities for adventure.  From different water sports to the mind-boggling and rip-roaring outdoor activities. They  also have sumptuous dining, accommodation options which range  from suites to private cottages.


I was basking under the sun and a sheening day is just so perfect, embracing the nature and peacefully enjoying every little thing in Dakak’s white-sand beach.



Anticipate nothing but delight, frolic and rest during your stay. On site, there are as many as  9 dining venues, including a 24 hour coffee shop. They also have an adult pool with adjoining Jacuzzi, children’s pool with waterfalls and a bunch more of your eyes to behold.


Of everything that Dakak Beach Park has,  the country’s longest dual Zip-line and the horseback riding really made my stay in the said paradise. Nestled atop of the mountain is the thrilling longest dual Zip-line and the panoramic view of the wide blue sea. A total concordance with nature really pacified me, so refreshing and reinvigorating.




A consumable Php1,000 entrance fee as your key to enter to this paradise is worth the cost. Variety of outdoor activities that would surely earn your stay a worth remembering. It’s like every penny you spend  has worth. And every water sports and activities you embrace  aren’t just an ordinary experience, but a real and exhilarating experience to cherish.


Another fun filled day ended. But a roaring name of Gloria’s Fantasy Land and Leisure Park is haunting me. A farther backbreaking challenge is coming my way, made me anxious but excited. A fully loaded meal is what I had before I enter to the Disneyland version of Dapitan City.  The minute I saw the castle structure that served as the entrance. It reminded me so much about the young boy has been dreaming  of traveling to Disneyland in Hong Kong but he never had any chance of going there to the childhood stage have passed.


Gloria’s Fantasyland is a little version of Amusement Park compared to Disneyland in Tokyo and Hongkong with the total area of three-hectares.  But it’s magical in its own right. It is presumably every little child’s dream playground. It has exciting kiddie rides, exhilarating 3D,5D and challenging rides like:  Apollo, Swinger, Bumb cars, Carousel, Tele Combat, Wonder flight, Jumping bed, Midi flume, Flying ball, World of war, Air gun shooting, Bull ride, Galleon Ship, Roller coaster, Zimmerman  and the scary tour of a dark narrow twisting labyrinth decorated with coffins, gravestones, cobwebs, evil-looking dolls, bloodied furniture, hanging bodies, complete with actors playing classic horror roles of ghosts, vampires zombies, and other monsters is their version of horror house.

A fabulous musical show that everyone would really enjoy to watch after the exhilarating rides will complete your whole experience in Fantasyland.



But of all the experiences I have here, the Zimmerman and the Horror house really challenged me. The Zimmerman is a version of roller coaster that has an open carriage ride on a course that rises, plunges, hurtles sideways, and goes upside down. But imagine how challenging it is, but I was so strong that I have not just survived the first ride, but I ended up riding it for 4 times.  It was explicitly amazing ride I had!



Never miss this Amusement Park once you visit Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte. “Where everyday is Festival.”

I like to thank Goldfin Construction where I’m currently working with for sponsoring the whole trip.


Dakak Beach Park & Resort.

Address: Taguilon, Dapitan City, 7101, Zamboanga Del Norte.
Tel. No. (065) 213-6813.
Telefax no. (065) 213-6647.
Mobile no. (+63) 918-803-8403 / (+63) 946-643-1814/ (+63) 915-318-5238.


How to get to Dakak Beach Park and Resort.

By sea and air

Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte is an official entry point. Book a flight going to Dipolog City. From Dipolog City Airport, proceed straight to Dipolog terminal and ride a Mini bus that will take you to Dapitan City. From Dapitan City proper, you can rent a single motorcycle (Habal-Habal) to Dakak Beach Park and Resort. The travel time is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please prepare Php300-400 for Motorcycle fare. It’s quite expensive because the resort is placed quite far from Dapitan.

NOTE: Dakak Beach Park and Resort has shuttle service from the airport that will bring you to their Resort.


You can also opt to take a Boat from Cebu City to Dapitan.


Via Cokaliong Shipping Lines.

Schedule trip: Cebu- Dapitan every Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Dumaguete at 7PM.
Fare: Economy is PHP 660, Tourist accommodation is PHP 950

Via Ocean Jet

Schedule trip: Cebu-Dapitan via Dumaguete Daily at 6am.

Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc.

CPA Bldg. Pier 1, Cebu City
Telephone number: (032) 255-7560,
Telefax number: (032) 255-0115/(033) 416-6669

Via George & Peter Lines

Schedule trip: Cebu- Dapitan via Dumaguete every Monday, Thursday and Sunday at 10PM.

George & Peter Lines, Inc.

Go Bldg. Arellano Blvd. Corner V. Villas Ext., Cebu City.
Telephone Number: 254- 6252/254-5154.



    1. Thank You for taking time to read my blog. I hope you’ll have the quality time when you visit that peaceful and serene place.


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  2. Hi Ariel! Great photos. I am writing a history book about the U.S. amusement park where Gloria’s Fantasyland’s “Zimmerman” roller coaster first opened in 1976 before it closed and moved to Gloria’s (learn more about the book here: I’d love to use your photo (or another if you have any more of the roller coaster) in my book. You would receive full credit. Could you email me at I would be incredibly grateful. I haven’t been able to find many high quality photographs of this roller coaster. Thank you!


  3. How will you look for tricycle or habal-habal to Dakak once in Dapitan? Just do a random look or at the bus terminal. We want to visit Dakak on daytrip only and would they agreed to fetch you back to Dapitan after a daytrip? It’s my first time to visit Dakak and Dapitan. Thanks!


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