Exploring the Wonders of BOHOL in a DAY

A well known Island that holds so much nature, peacefully nestled in Visayas as it is naturally known to be the most invigorating, inviting and interesting Island in the Philippines. If you want a total Island experience, peace of mind, infinite exhilarating outdoor activities, then get your stuff and join me as I traipse my two little feet in the picturesque island of Bohol.


Long time have passed, Bohol Island have been soaring high as it peacefully spreads its wings to the four corners of the world. Not merely for its natural masterpieces, but also the quality of stay that every tourist could ever experience. A big insult  to the island when a long bend of line on your face will not limpidly obvious.

In that respect are many exciting adventures you could  do when you visit the Island of Bohol.  A 3-4 days stay will never be enough. But a traveler like me that never define the good experience by the span of time I expend in one place but a quality experience over my time.

I made it early in the morning at the port of Tagbilaran, Bohol. Holding the people outside as they were raising white paper with a tourist name on it as I also looking for my name. A cool welcome by my well mannered driver as He carried my luggage going to the car and proceeded straight to my Hotel to check in. A short break to prepare before I start my first day tour and I couldn’t wait to meet all the natural wonders that I’ve been longing to see.
My travel plan was given to me a week before I arrived in Bohol. Hence it’ll be exciting to start my day the moment I arrived. So be ready and join me as I sauntering around the Island.

Loboc Church and Loboc River

Loboc Church was devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October  2013, you would completely catch the violent destruction brought by an earthquake as almost every wall, roofs and beams really turned into pieces.



A memorable cruise experienced in Loboc river really pacified me. The sumptuous food during my lunch while listening to Boholanos live music and entertainment really made my whole cruise experienced unforgettable and pleasurable. The clean and green river and the uptick lush scenery on both sides will eventually take your psyche somewhere and this is something you should not fail to do when you visit the Island of Bohol. The cruise starts from the Loay bridge to Busay falls and back once more.






Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park
Loboc Zip-line

A sumptuous lunch done and the electrifying zip-line and cable car ride is waiting for me. I never had any experience for such adrenaline activities, but a choice to overcome my fear of height will be a sound decision. A vibrant tight-packed nervous feeling made my weary bones shuddered. But I couldn’t resist the courage to attempt. My adrenaline is running high, shutting my eyes,  howling in agony while I opened on top and my tardily my eyes to enjoy the breathtaking view of Loboc river and the waterfalls.  It was indeed an amazing ride I had so far.



Loboc Cable Car

Later on the backbreaking ride, here came the cable car ride to mollify my trembling bones a while ago. Enjoying and admiring the breathtaking vista from atop. I enjoy how the cool breezed meeting me on air as it slowly kissing my skin, it was soothing and comforting.



Sagbayan Peak

Another famous tourist destination in Bohol is the Sagbayan Peak, It offers a panoramic vista of the awesome Chocolate Hills and you’ll also see the giant Disney Characters.  There are two view decks as it provides the beautiful scenic view. One is near the activity area where you can find out several mini chocolate hills. The other view deck is turned up a few meters away where you’ll have to walk a nicely done pathway. But a visit to Sagbayan peak will never be complete without visiting the smallest prime animal the Tarsier. A cage full of trees and plants where some Tarsiers are housed. This is located near the ticket booth.






Chocolate Hills

Looking into my itinerary after Sagbayan Peak was becoming more exciting. The tactile sensation of finally seeing the famous Chocolate Hills is phenomenal. I got at this magnificent view around 4pm. While standing on the viewing deck, I was in awe, awestruck by  its stunning natural beauty, speechless and astounded. The feeling of seeing this in postcards, magazines, television and social networking websites is far from encountering them personally.  Indeed, this is another remarkable journey of my life to treasure.



Man Made Forest

Close to other well known tourist attraction in Bohol is the Man-made mahogany forest. Extending in a two-kilometer stretch of serried lush scenery planted Mahogany trees located on the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. A kaleidoscope of green foliage really stands out because of the uniformity in height, thickness, the paste of its branches and design of leaves. It was then raining during my visit and the abrupt alteration in temperature as I come into the forest really refreshed me. According to my driver, the whole area seldom sees the sun shine and most often than not.



XZOOTIC Animal Park

Never then I’m fond of exotic animals really. But since it’s included in my itinerary then I have to.
Xzootic Animal Park has different varieties of exotic animals such as ostrich, civet cat, bear cat, Asian leopard, macaque monkey, porcupine, owl and many others. But the main attractions are the two pythons, which weighing over 200 kg.
Another fear of mine this time, but getting closer to this python made me harder than ever.



Another tiring but memorable day, something to cherish as I mark another indelible  adventure in Bohol. My other itinerary for Day 2 and 3 is separately written. Thank You!

Thank you for my driver Kuya James for driving me safe the whole day.





You can reserve a flight via Major Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air are flying to Tagbilaran  City, Bohol, Philippines from Manila. Or you can also get a boat and fast craft trip from Cebu to Tagbilran. There are daily schedule of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu, City. If you take the fast craft, the travel time is approximately 2 hours from Cebu to Tagbilaran.



I would wish to thank Samantha and tours for handling my tour in Bohol. For more info about their tour packages, bookings and reservations kindly contact them.

Samantha Tours Bohol

Rizal street, Cogon District, Tagbilaran City,
Bohol, Philippines
Mobile Nos: GLOBE- 0916-246-4196 SMART- 0907-538-0892
Email Adress:  samanthatoursbohol@gmail.com

I also thank Arabelle Suites Hotel for being genuinely sincere in welcoming me and for attending to my needs. A comforting stay indeed. Highly recommended to all. For more information kindly contact them:

Arabelle Suites Hotel

Address: New Calceta Street, Upper Cogon, Tagbilaran City
Cellphone Number: 0999-369-2946 / 0917-910-7612
Landline: (038) 411-0607 / 501-9614
Email Address: arabellesuites@gmail.com



    1. Hello thank you for dropping by.
      Who would dare to escape seeing that spot? Of course I have visited Balincasag and Virgin Island and other stunning tourist destinations in Bohol. 4 days of backpacking in Bohol actually, and I guessed I have visited almost if not all the tourist spot. I would eventually love to blog them all I just can’t, cause my pictures were missing.

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          1. Don’t fret, my friend, was just pulling your leg. what matters is that you enjoyed yourself in Bohol, and that you will always have those perfect pictures in your mind. Ciao!

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  1. Very well written article. It will be valuable to anyone who employess it, including me. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.


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