FUNATIX Fun-Unlimited-Natural- Astounding-Thrilling-Intoxicating and Xxxciting Theme Park in ILO-ILO CITY, PHILIPPINES.

The City of Ilo-Ilo is not just known for a dwelling house of sweet people, Historical sight to delve into a fast, economically growing metropolis in the country, and for having a bunch of sumptuous food in every corner of the street. But also a place that induces an array of most exciting, fun and stirring experience to embrace.


A matter of paramount importance that leads me to a kicky weekend. A newly opened Theme Park in the heart of the City that entice one eye, repleting every desire, and filling in the yearning for a new experience that would leave a remarkable mark on every face. A name that would undoubtedly haunt you to pry the story behind, enshrouding it’s name but slowly unmasking to everyone.

Prying the newly opened Theme Park owned by a Chinese couple has been to mission by serving less fortunate people in Ilo-Ilo. Indeed a privilege to be invited during their soft opening last August 29, 2015. During the opening, there were students, working professionals and even those that are itching to embrace the new stratum of experience. The whole place really astonished me, it has an array of indoor activities that would pacify every jaded body, crews are kind, and even the curved line on their face is soothing.


What makes the Funatix different from any other Theme Park is the whole concept that will certainly amaze you. From the name itself FUNATIX, this Theme Park will not only bring fun, but a frolic memory that you can treasure.They have function rooms for particular event like birthday’s, seminars, meetings, and etc. The most awaited 3D art museum as they still working on it, is another attraction coming in. A beanery that serves a variety of food and some other exciting indoor activities that will fulfill your longing for a new version of fun filled day. Innovating modern way of fun is what this place, bringing to everyone, this could be a fun with a group of friends, families and even a respectable place to meet new friends.

The most new and exciting great game in town can only experience here, the famous Laser Tag that is easy to find out how to play and skill develop fast in this fast paced shooting game. I would suggest If you can bring your friends with you since it has to be played by groups, but you can also play by joining another team. But you know playing with friends is always the best way, not only you can bond together, but you partake the same experience (talking about it even after the game) Try it and I’m sure you’ll agree. But what is Laser Tag? Laser tag is a modern game, sport or recreational activity where participants  attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a handheld infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are usually worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. The assigned crews will help you understand the whole steps of the game by feeding you enough information and instructions. So if happen you never tried it before then, no worries, you can constantly raise your questions during the briefing time.



Game Tips

Be familiar with the whole map of the arena, familiarize yourself with the game rules and processes. In the arena, get yourself a good position to start off with, avoid clustering around others if possible. If you do start at a base or station, don’t be the first or the last to leave for it places the risk of not knowing where the enemy is. Obtain a good spot to hide or play defense because if you spend the whole session running around you’re likely to get hit a lot. Test your laser to drift, do this by discharging at a wall and moving your laser backwards. Fire at someone aiming for the kill zones, this varies from outfit colors. If shot at, seek cover and elude your aggressor. After the game, review your score and talk with your mates to see what you can improve on. A debriefing can be really helpful for improvement.


The other game is The Laser Maze. Get ready for a laser-bouncing logic game, but before going inside the Lazer Maze room, you have to select the level of difficulty you wish to try, from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. This one-player game is fun for two causes. Foremost, it uses a laser. Second, it asks you to engage your brain. Give it a try now. It’s really fun.


FUNATIX has a total area of around 2,000 square meters once everything is complete. For now they only use 1,000 square meters for (Phase I) in which the Laser Tag and Laser Maze is located. Weeks from now fanatics will be launching the first ESCAPE ROOM game that is really similar to Mystery Manila. They will likewise launch the first TOILET BOWL Restaurant in town. It really is exciting. There are also other attractions coming in, December this year and next year 2016.



Keep updated by simply following their sites:
Facebook Page: Funatix Theme Park. Amusement
Contact Number: 0929-831-6700
Location : 2nd Floor Plazuela IloIlo, Benigno Aquino Avenue, IloIlo City.


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