Confusion in making decision.

There might have been so many affairs that always looming over your head, an act of thinking about details of something. Something that cuts across your mind at the moment, you suddenly halt for a few seconds, minutes or even an hour until you came up with the sincere thought “I don’t understand”. You sought to confound the arguments between your doubts and your unfeigned feeling towards the object, subject or even the person. And no matter how you work hard and smart for both of it, It’ll always be something you really can’t elucidate and assimilate. Something that always never in accord and incongruity has always space, then confusion abruptly subsist.

You started to spin the bottle and wherever it pointed at, and that’s your choice, you begin to rely on something that would never convey the assurance of making the right decision, you depend on others thought about it, you collect opinions to anyone you think that would help you, either from your friends, love ones or your family. But you end up more confusing and you muddled even more.


The struggle and reconciliation of mind and heart plays a bigger part in times of baffled decision, and no matter how complicated the decision that you’re going to make, you really have to. You started weighing things and get rid of what is wrong, you begin to understand the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing.

The universe is demanding so much from us that we often too attached to what the world freely give us, and when we grab the worlds offer, we enjoy, groove on, savor everything while it’s still there. And when the drudging feeling slowly coming our direction, loneliness strikes, everything turned out bad around us,and that skeptical thought slowly killing us. Discouragement exists, and we consider failure as clear as purified water. We came up with confusions, question after questions, pointing are indexed finger to the person next to us, blaming others, unending rues and we even give up moving forward.

The satire quality of the world slowly filling our inside, we incline to forget that the power of making decision is in our hands. We rely so much to what the world is surging toward us. We became so dependent to the universe.

Hey, wake up, break off your cat napping moment, evaluate yourself and make a decision. You know yourself than those baffling situations. Be wise and dig your high sense of taste.

But it’s not about arriving at the wrong or right decision after all, but the willingness to submit to what God would really want us to be, let Him be the potter and we are His clay. Ourselves is alabaster to His eyes. And as we yield and offer our everything to Him, surrendering ourselves to His sovereignty and let Him mold us to whatever He want us to be. Everything is in tuned and harmonically inclined to His will.

The universe will keep demanding from us, repleting us with all those superficial happiness, but when God filled our inner emptiness, and as we align our hearts to Him. Our confusion in making life’s decision turned into neat and controlled decision making according to His will and richness in Heaven.

We seek God’s will in a world of confusion and support in the world is confusing at times. Simply we can lessen the chance of our being confused if we stay in the Word of God. Living in obedience to God certainly increases the chances for clarity from God and decreases confusion in our spirits. Tenacity pays off; keep asking, and keep knocking and in time, “it will be opened to you.”



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