Linabo Peak: 3003 steps to heaven

A journey begins with a single step, a single step pushes you to make sound of a foot, making another step, up to the point that you had no more stairs to step on. And every single challenging series of steps in a set of stairs made you more motivated overcoming another set of stairs until none.

It’s a tongue twister right? I’m sure you will agree.


In northern part of the archipelago specifically at the City of Dapitan aside from being known to everyone as the shrine of our National hero. It is also the home of the famous back-breaking 3,003 steps Linabo peak. Interesting, challenging and invitingly provocative, it piqued my imagination since I never had any experience stairs-climbing. But a curious  as cat I was like compelled to figure out  what’s up in the summit is something I can’t repel.

Linabo Peak is located at Sitio Dinginan, Brgy. Lugdungan. Approximately 5-6 kilometers away from the city proper of Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte.

Bearing at 486 sea level, Linabo peak is providing the panoramic view of the City. Linabo Peak is said to be that popular destination during Holy week. Hundreds of Devotees would love to get together in the “Katkat Sakripisyo,”(Sacrificial climb), It is a religious re-enactment suffering of Jesus Christ on His way to the Cross. The devotees are usually passed through the 14 stations of the Cross.

My feet and mind were fighting for the very first time as if they have never done any team work. I took a deep breathed and taking one step at a time. Lush scenery green forest made it more riveting and a weightless journey going up. A distilled drinking water was my friend during this time, it was as if I wouldn’t mind losing anything except my bottle water.


I’m slowly exuding clear liquid from my open sweat glands, painful involuntary spasmodic contraction of muscles are coming my way,  a sudden draining of strength and a jaded body is trying to halt me to continue yet a strong sense of dragging myself down was firmly stouty built as I am. But I couldn’t help but keep trying, bearing in mind that something rewarding up there and I shouldn’t quit.

It was exactly 1500 steps at the moment and I still have long steps to take. I went to the other side to take some rest but I faltered like a baby losing strength, toppled down and had wound on the right hand. But I manage to smile, for I know everything will be paid off atop. I am half way now.

Along the way there were people who had reached the peak and went down yelling the word “balik nalang mo sa ubos” ( you rather go down)  and some said “kaya rana hinay hinay lang” (you can do it just take it slowly). Inimical  and positive words are crossing my mind but I’d made the decision to win the challenge and reach the peak.


I’m finally at the 2000 steps and few more steps ahead and I’ll be reaching the peak. But the odds and ends are not sundries but rather the earthshaking steps begin. Moiling stairs up to the peak is a real battle this time, it was not easy, stairs are no longer made indurated but a rocky one. Dust are kissing my skin and the beaming light is burning my surface. A banister on the left side was a big help as I made my way up to the peak this time. I heard several voices at the top and made me elated, thinking that I’m almost there. A heart pounding feeling is what I felt this time, not because I had made the challenged but the willingness to try made it possible.


Truly I reached the peak, elucidated feeling, happiness and I never stop grinning as I was gazing to the overlooking view of Dipolog City and other neighboring towns. A three hours of walked, gallons of sweat, unending muscle cramps and a tiring body have been fully paid off.


Lesson learned: Never stop trying, extreme challenge maybe painful and tough but a decision to try again really matter most.


I went down having the feeling of unexplainable , fulfilling, and complete satisfaction that I made the challenged. But the backbreaking challenge haven’t done yet, for I have to take another 3,003 steps going down. But this time would be easy, and doesn’t require much strength and I have been smiling the whole time I went down until I reach the ground point and I still can’t get over that I had made it to the peak.


Congratulating myself!

You better try it! Take the challenge.


How to get to Linabo Peak

Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte is an official entry point. Book a flight going to Dipolog City. Proceed straight to the terminal and rent a motorcycle (Habal-Habal) going to Linabo Peak. The travel time is approximately 20-35 minutes. You can always ask the locals there if happen you need some assistance.. They are very kind and approachable.



  1. Hello Lai! Thanks for this blog. May I ask if there’s a place where we can leave our luggages at Linabo? Me and my friends are planning to go there straight from the airport before we head to Dumaguete. Please let me know.


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