The Boracay of the North: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

The sheeny morning cascaded in through curtains drawn to one side, heralding another picture-perfect day of fun, exciting and frolic. This hilarity was set in a surrounding as special as it was beautiful and lovely, framed by a background of clear blue sea and turquoise water, in the heart of a tropical slice of paradise in “Pagudpud”.


Pagudpud is located in Northern tip of Luzon, A 2-3 hours of travel from Loag City proper. Facing on the huge blue water with western Philippine Sea and catching place of strong winds and big waves.

A Pure bliss as I carelessly tread my two little feet along a lengthy stretch of white powdery sand in Pagudpud. The sea breeze slowly kissing my skin, the deep cold wave slowly snapping my lap, the perfect weather as the king sun cheerfully giving bright light during the day, the clouds above were orderly on their right place, people were elated on their vacation as they make their time most memorable and pure. And hence I am.


I’m not very fond of water activities such as: swimming, diving and etc. But I’m very fond of gazing to natural wonders and being at peace with nature.
Breathing deeply, closing my eyes for a moment, widely stretching my arms as if I received gifts  from above like I can’t bring them all with my sturdy arms and just enjoy it. It was the best quiet time I had so far, it’s like everything is in equal, in one accord and harmonically complete.


My driver told me about the overlooking spot near the zip line of Hannah’s Beach Resort.  Just as we worked our way to Bangui windmills I insist to drop by and check the overlooking view. I stepped on a resembling green grass that spreads over the whole place, I saw the factitious Helicopter as if it just landed in the area.


The wide surface laid out in an expanded position is the immense scenery of blue ocean with the strong wind biffing on my skin and the verdant mountains fronting the west Philippine sea.


The scene was exactly like the one in New Zealand,  splendid with its natural beauty and refreshing.
This has really made my day. Thanking God for all the beautiful nature that he created and this was one of the best scenic views that my eyes behold.


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