Lake Sebu: The Sleepy Little BAGUIO in Southern Mindanao that you should VISIT

An armed conflict, the dissonance between what we are told and what we witness with our own eyes continuous racked by religious disunion, political and civil discord, the unending warfare between the Armed forces of the Philippines and subsisting horrendous local groups. These few reasons are holding us back to not even set are feet in the land of promise, the Mindanao”. But a life without experiencing Mindanao is completely incomplete.

A well known lovely place in Mindanao is knocking my heart. The sleepy little Baguio Of Southern Mindanao, the Lake Sebu.
Lake Sebu is nestled in the mountainous land of South Cotabato, home of endemic people like T’boli, Ubo and some B’laan tribes and becoming widely known for their eco-tourism and adventure destination in Southern Mindanao.


Lake Sebu is also known for its majestic cascading falls, enchanting lakes, mountains, springs, rivers and with its interesting culture, and rich in biodiversity. Immersing myself to this beautiful paradise is totally exciting.

A dusky evening and the cloying sound of evening species was a way of nature to welcome me as I traipse my two little feet in the paradise of Lake Sebu. Habal-Habal driver is virtually everywhere, so my way to Punta Isla lake resort was made easy. An overnight stay in the said resort was completely relaxing since I experienced the wooden room under the thatched ceiling.


The sun climbs up and slowly spreading its bright light over the hills, lakes, clouds and inviting me to wake up and go out from my crib to amble around the resort. And so I did, the resort is facing the beautiful lake sebu, water lily’s floating on the lake, slowly showing their broad flowers and it was beautiful and lovely.



A trip to 7 falls is the highlight of my expedition, without any second thought I ride a habal-habal, for this is the most convenient means to explore the town. The 7 falls in Brgy. Siloton is the prominent electrifying adventures to never miss. From the name itself, it consists of 7 majestic cascading falls. The two waterfalls are easily accessible to tourist while some require heavy trekking. But the best way to view these waterfalls is by riding a Zip-line that passes above five of them.

The first falls have a bridge-view deck, merely if you want to go closer, you just have to walk a little.
The first falls known as “Hikong Alo” in Tboli dialect, signifying the passage. It takes in a height of 35-feet, with an extensive brink, and single wide tiered waterfalls.


The enticing Zip-line with a picturesque panorama of other falls and the thrilling experience is somehow you shouldn’t try to miss.
Leading down to the second falls has 3 options. Take the Zip-line, drive down the road, or you’ll take the 700+ stair steps leading down.



Later on the exhilarating Zip-line experienced, a few meters walk going closer to the second falls known as Hikong benti” in Tboli dialect, meaning Immeasurable. Is a 70 feet tall of stately flowing waters and the powerful and a roaring sound was just superb. It was extremely immeasurable.
Another day filled with thrill, fun, exciting and frolic. Another experienced to treasure always.


Immerse in the rich culture of Tboli.




General Santos City is the usual jump off point to Lake Sebu. From General Santos City’s Bulaong Terminal, ride a nonstop bus (Yellow Bus Line), bound to Marbel (Koronadal City). The travel time is around 1 hour and Php 75 fare. Upon arriving at Marbel terminal, ride a bus going to Surallah with a Php 35 fare and half an hour of travel time. At Surallah terminal, ride a Van going to Lake Sebu and has a 45 minutes of travel and Php 45 of fare.



Habal-Habal or motorbike is the primary mode of transportation around the town, minimum fare is Php 15 or you can rent a motorbike for your convenience that’s roughly around Php 200-300, depend on the places you want to visit.




  • Mobile signal of a major network is safe.
  • No ATM in the town, bring cash with you.
  • Big Hotels/Resorts accept Debit/Credit card.
  • People are good and very kind.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich culture of T’boli and learn their history as well. I advise you to learn some basic T’boli words.
  • Please don’t leave your garbages anywhere, be responsible enough.
  • There’s more to visit in Lake Sebu, if only you have time, I suggest you to ask the Locals and explore some of their hidden paradise. 


  1. I was here 2 years ago. On April 2, I met a family, not far from there, that helped me understand that the Land of the Dreamweavers is my Home! I returned in January last year, too. Soon I’ll be returning to truly make my home among the Tboli tribe. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories!


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