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Drift Stories: Blogger Spotlight: Ariel Samangka of The Little Lai

Social Media Reach

  • Facebook Page Followers: 3,495
  • Instagram Followers: 1,148
  • Twitter Followers: 115
  • Blog Followers: 4,246
  • Domain Authority: 28
  • Page Authority: 37

Blog Statistics

  • Monthly Pageviews – 13,838 (Stats as of April 2019)
  • Monthly Unique Visitors – 8,981 (Stats as of April 2019)

Rate Card For The Following Services

  • Sponsored Post – $50 to $200
  • Banner Ad Display (Sidebar or Footer) – $100 – &300 (Per Year)
  • Backlinking – $20 – $100
  • Product Review – $100 – $300


  1. Hi Lai, are you still active in hiking? I am coming from Malaysia and hope to get some advice from you to climb Casino Peak, Osmeña Peak and Kandungaw Peak.
    Can you please whatsapp me at +60163094070


  2. Hi Lai! I am new to blogging. I will be in Philippine Islands on Nov. and wanted to connect with you and other travel bloggers. Let me know pls. Thanks, Mads


  3. Hi Yel,

    Rest well in heaven, I really can’t believe you left unexpectedly. I’ve been checking on your FB post updating your situation due to COVID-19 😦 All your handworks and travel inspiration will be a great memory to remember.


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