Salay Cave: A secluded destination in the south

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~ Lao Tzu

Alegria, Cebu – I was persuaded to visit the sleepy town of Alegria, Cebu without any plan in mind. I went there clueless where to go and amble around. While on board in a bus heading to my destination bound south for a  3-4 hours of travel  time. I took the opportunity to nose about the whereabouts of Alegria. Fortunately, I  found some answer over the net and it serves as my guide in this ambush journey for my first entry of my blog. Traveling the southern side of Cebu island is never a dull trip with the picturesque views and sights along the way to entice ones eye while traveling.

According to the blog guide I’ve read it says, I should drop off at Taboan bus so I asked the bus conductor to drop there. Finally, I reached my destination as I went down from the bus, there were few “Habal-Habal” driver that flocked around me and offering their service. My destination? The next big thing and potential new spelunking haven in the province, the unassuming Salay Cave.

Getting there is quite hard since it’s off the beaten path we are heading to prices offered is sky-high soar so I haggled until I got the price, I am compromised. After the agreeing in no time we start our exploration in finding the secluded Salay cave.  Excuse me for my vanity, I just can’t help it. I attempted to take a  selfie while riding a “Habal-Habal” or the  nearest English translation for this is modified extended motorcycle with the cool fresh air and the green sounding as evident below.  🙂

Mandatory selfie while riding a “Habal-Habal”.

Half an hour passed it was almost the Ten o’clock, we reached the start point of my tricking to the mouth of the cave. I  was greeted by my tour guide as introduced by the driver. He name’s Manong Napoleon a known local tour guide of the cave. He’s petite and an a little aged I guess around late 60’s yet his vigor and humors is undoubtedly youthful.

He brought along with him our tour was  his grandson around 7 – 8 years old of age. As we make our way into the lush forest of the mountain range, we blaze the trail by exchanging stories that keeps the long walking a comforting story telling from my guide and the bubbly grandson. He also shared how fond he is of exploring different places when he was a bit younger and the places his been to and how he found his way to discover this cave.

With my guide Manong Napoleon and his grand son.

We instantly hit it off with Manong Napoleon, I easily won his heart with my charismatic humor and in exchange give me a favor. He said since I have been a good tourist he would take me to a less visited but equally beautiful cave of Busay, it’s another potential tourist destination unlocked. Further, he told me that I’m blessed enough to check this cave cause some tourist guide skip this amazing cave. I was very elated as He told me that.

Inside the Busay cave.

At glance Busay cave has a big entrance and emits s a welcoming atmosphere to add, its nifty to the eye. It was cool and  peaceful.  A view of the vast high ceiling is amazing and bewildering. This cave is recommendable for a beginner like me , its easy to explore and navigate. I stayed inside for about 10 minutes but It was one of the most memorable 10 minutes in life.

Shortly, after we head to the main purpose of my visit in this place. As I came closer and  close with every little footstep I made. The excitement and enthusiasm are growing as I  reach  Salay Cave. Located just a few stone away from the latter cave I’ve been to earlier .

At glance, the entrance  of this cave seemed to be strict because of a tight hole going inside compared with the previous one. Literally, it’s like going through a hole in a needle to get in. So, brace yourself for this , when you when here. 🙂

The entrance going to Salay cave.


Honestly, getting inside was a bit backbreaking, you gotta be careful and take caution . Middlingly I am, so no worries. As take my landing, I was stupefied by its natural beauty, the stalactites and stalagmites are glistening and glowing like a precious stones, I said no words just praises and astonishment.  Also, the serenity was something that repleted me and I couldn’t stop thanking God for He created one such thing.  I do not know how to transcribe the thoughts in my head into words to give justice to the place but one thing I am sure with there is more to see there in person. I came so unprepared to see this place so I wasn’t able to capture everything, sorry.

After all the heavy sweats, muscle pain, beaming day, and a long walked have been paid off seeing a such wonder,its incomparable. Simply breathtaking!



I know this picture does not give justice to the cave,I swear there is more to see in person there.

Just when I thought I am over with my excursion, Manong Napoleon told me to he’d take me to cool off after that  long and tiring trek up to the mountain. In as much a I want to stay longer in the cave, I have to bade goodbye to it and trail up a new one in a waterfalls named Cambais.

Good thing it was only  2.5 kilometers away from the Cave. If I was a little far, I won’t dare. Surrounded with thick trees , the trail was shady. The turquoise water of the falls is  very enticing to take a dip, but since I didn’t bring any extra shirt  I just enjoyed seeing the water falls and take some photos on it.

My guide said , it wasn’t really a deep just good enough to soak your tired body after the cave exploration. He adds it is where people usually go to unwind and just have fun.  Which, I would like to agree.

Cambais Falls

Time flies so fast and I almost miss checking my watch.  Dusk was starting to crawl out and the sun is heading to its horizon as well. It was almost 5 and I have to go down to the town proper and be in their boulevard to   witness the beautiful sunset.

awesome view atop fronting the island of Negros Oriental and Occidental.

Instantly I immediately took  the  “Habal-Habal”  driver.  On our way down, I saw a perfect spot to take a photo. An awesome view atop fronting the island of Negros Oriental and Occidental. So I ask a favor to have a stop over and he’s kind enough to grant my request.

i reached the park just in time . The park was set in well manicured Bermuda grass with landscape garden a brick pathway and some bench fronting either the church or fronting the island of Negros. The sea breeze will surely distress you from tiring day. The tainted horizon is beautiful, I love this part of the day. Also, there is a nearby Filipino restaurant in the park that serves Filipino food comfort food, it’ll surely filled  your hungry stomach after an adventurous day.  

I feel so relieved while watching the sun gently rest in his throne in the horizon perhaps I would be calling this a day for now. Another page in this life is yet filled with memories to cherished!

Until my next post then folks!

Enjoying the view of the Negros island.




Ride a bus from South bus terminal going to Alegria around 3-4 hours of travel  (Php 150) Habal-Habal in Taboan Bus stop going to Salay Cave (Php 80).

But if you are fond of  traveling alone like me. You better just rent a Habal-Habal for a day (Php 400) that includes going to Cambais water Falls and to Alegria Park.



  • Fare from south bus to Alegria – Php 150
  • Habal-Habal Rental – Php 400
  • Fare Alegria to Cebu City – Php 150
  •  Tour Guide Tip – Php 200.00
  •  Food –  Php 500.00

           TOTAL Php 1,400.00 


  1. I’m going to Cebu this July on a solo trip. Salay cave is now on my radar. Would an English-only speaker like myself be able to navigate to the place and arrange a tour guide easily? Any tips or advice you can give would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, thanks for dropping by much appreciated. To answer you question, Cebuanos can understand and converse in English. Also Cebuanos are friendly so asking direction and help would not be hard.

      If time permits I’ll be glad to tour you around the city and check other interesting places on the way. Again, thanks for dropping by and until my next post then.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds wonderful. Feel free to message me at livetravelmore(at) Would love to meet up when I’m in Cebu. Even if it’s only for drinks. Looking to do an island hopping tour but most companies want me to rent the entire boat for the day since it’s just me. 😦 I’ll figure it our. Talk soon.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I must say that I have not visited too many caves. Salay caves does look intriguing. Personally I do find caves a bit claustrophobic and I yearn for the great outdoors whenever I have been in one. But I can understand the excitement of exploring dark and mysterious looking caves.


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